Trade Services - Contractors, Designers, & More

How does Surface help builders, contractors and interior designers? Let us count the ways: 1. Full service planning and estimating. 2. Personalized service with a single point of contact. 3. Design assistance from seasoned staff designers (at no cost to you, incidentally). 4. Installation services from our roster of rock solid subs. 5. Field management (including both pre- and post-inspections to keep your schedule on track). 6. Warranty services on every surface we sell. And 7., an extensive selection at competitive prices. Oh, let’s not forget 8., the Surface showroom: a terrific place to hold meetings with your clients and to experiment with materials and designs.

Long story short, we work with our trade clients from start to finish. Everyone from small custom builders, designers and architects to large production builders who do hundreds of homes at a time. As a matter of fact, Surface was founded by a local home builder. So we’re especially attuned to the needs of the trade.

We’re affiliated with NWSID, HBA, and the Home Remodeling Council. We’re also a member of the Better Business Bureau. And of course we have a Construction Contractor’s Board license. It’s number 159424.