Design + Install - Complimentary Design Assistance

Time was, materials stores didn't just sell products, they handled the installations as well. So customers had one point of contact from start to finish. We think that was a pretty good system. So, unlike most stores, we offer installation on every product we sell. We work with the finest installers in the region, each one licensed, bonded and insured. And to make sure every installation if performed exactly right, we do four important things: First, we handle your purchase and installation through a single contact point in the Surface showroom (Most likely, that will be the designer who helped you pick out your materials). Second, we hire specialists for each type of installation. Marmoleum experts install Marmoleum. Granite experts install granite. Carpet experts install carpet. Third, to make doubly sure everything goes as planned, a Surface field coordinator helps manage every job. So you can be confident that the finished product will live up to its billing. Finally, we warrant every installation. So, once again, our customers have a single point of contact for any issue that might arise. Now doesn't that seem like a better system? We think so.